3 elements for a unique visit = River + Fort + Mosque (Prizren in Kosovo)

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Whenever you want to spend a relaxed and charming day exploring an interesting city, Prizren in Kosovo is the place. This is one of those places that will surprise you specially if you discover it almost by chance, as it was in my case. You can start by a nice walk along Prizren's river shore. This a very animated area with a lot of charming cafes and shops.

Immediately after crossing the pedestrian bridge you will arrive to a beautiful mosque. As this area of Prinzern seems to be visited by locals and foreigners the mosque remains opened to the public, so you can enter it and take a look to this holly place.

Then you should definitely visit the fort ("Kalaja") at the top of the hill next to the river shore. Just follow the signs. The uphill path seems harder than it really is and it is definitely worth it. The beginning of the path is next to the mosque and halfway to the top there is also a little cafe where you can refresh yourself. From that point you will already enjoy of some stunning views!

Once you get to the fort you will be greatly rewarded with the most impressive views of the city in the middle of the valley and its surrounding highlands.

From the fort you can easily admire several snowed tops of the surrounding mountains!

One interesting detail is the high number of mosques in the city dominating the architecture of the city. From the fort's dominating view it is possible to count around 30 mosques in a city of around 165.000 inhabitants.

And you will also be delighted by spectacular views during the sunset. Whatever you chose to do during your visit, you can be sure that Prizren will offer you the greatest frame to end your day in a pleasent way!

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By - Santiago Rodríguez Girón.

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