A PARADISE OF BIRDS & BIODIVERSITY • Buenaventura Reserve - Ecuador

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

What about being surrounded by massive quantities of colorful hummingbirds and watching a high diversity of beautiful birds so close and easily as yo have never experienced before?

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Buenaventura Reserve, a privately owned natural reserve, is the ideal place for a deep immersion into a paradise of abundant varieties of birds, in the middle of an exuberant mountain cloud forest. The view of the density of the mountain cloud forest will take your breath away and make you feel you are in a different world!

At the Reserve you can easily spot and watch different bird species without any effort from the comfort of the visitor´s center, which you can easily reach by car, just 45 minutes drive from Zaruma city in Ecuador.

Or you can also walk by any of the available visiting paths into the mountain cloud forest where you will have the opportunity to sense the sounds and colours of nature in its most amazing form.

The "air traffic" is so intense that you will have to watch out not to cross the trajectory of one of these natural mini rocket-jets.

Of course, the biodiversity at this natural reserve is also represented by many other living creatures that will impress you or surprise you with their colours and forms.

Visit Buenaventura Reserve - A paradise of birds and biodiversity.

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