Amaru Biopark: A wild animal rescue experience

The Amaru Biopark (Amaru Bioparque Zoológico Cuenca) is an environmental zoological organization that offers a unique experience of contact with animals and plants that are part of the natural and cultural wealth of Ecuador. The Biopark is located 10 minutes from downtown Cuenca, on the Cuenca - Azogues highway.

Through the facilities built in its thematic Biopark, Amaru seeks to inspire people to promote the knowledge and protection of Ecuador's biodiversity. This is done thanks to experiences of direct contact with spectacular rescued animals that can no longer return to their habitat. In Amaru these animals find the space as close as possible to their natural environment. 

Every year Amaru receives around 450 animals that arrive in different states. Some of them from illegal hunting, illegal trafficking of species, confiscations by the National Police, donations by civilians, etc. Amaru receives all these animals thanks to the fact that they have the only wildlife clinic in the south of the country. 

Amaru carries out volunteer programs, visits, recreation, education, communication and research in alliance with environmental authorities and organizations, with the support of several public and private institutions and with the participation of local communities.

The Biopark can be visited daily. Throughout the several kilometers of Amaru’s trails, you will meet more than 42 species of animals rescued from various regions. From the Andes you will find animals like the Spectacled Bear, Pumas, the Andean Condor, Whitetailed Deer or Black-bellied Eagles. From the Amazon you will find animals such as the impressive Jaguar, Caimans, Macaws, different species of amphibians and monkeys. From the Galapagos Islands you can see animals such as Blue-footed Boobies and Galapagos Turtles. The Biopark has even rescued animals from Africa that were illegally brought to Ecuador, so you can admire the imposing African Lions or the Ostrich.

But the best experience Amaru offers is its Volunteer Program, with participants from all over the world. In this program volunteers work in all areas of the Biopark. For example, they spend time in nutrition where they will make diets for all the animals; another time in veterinary where they will have direct contact with the animals collaborating with the veterinarians who work in the park; then, volunteers spend a time in maintenance with the construction personnel where they will carry out work related to the creation of new habitats; later on, in education, volunteers will work directly with the visitors and the educational institutions that visit us. 

The objective of the volunteering program is to generate, execute and culminate specific projects with each volunteer. These objectives will be assigned from the first day of stay. Volunteering is a unique opportunity to learn about wildlife, environmental education, improve your Spanish and discover the local culture of the city of Cuenca (UNESCO World Heritage Site), once the second capital of the Inca Empire. More information about Amaru Biopark's Volunteering Program click here.

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