Ancestral Interpretative Cuisine (in the middle of the world)

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

In the middle of the world, in Quito, Ecuador, there is a very special space where the ancient traditions and modern gourmet cuisine meet. The chefs Milena and Andrés have created a unique space called Shungo Solitario (Lonely Heart), where you can not only taste the most delicious creations, but you can also participate in their creation. To discover more amazing places, how to visit and save them for later, register in You can contact the founders of Shungo Solitario and book a space to participate in a workshop where you will either witness how they make their creations or you can take part preparing amazing dishes with the chefs. In any case you will go through history, traditions, modern culinary practices and a journey of exquisite flavors during these unique journey. Look for Milena or Andrés on Facebook as Shungo Solitario, or Vintrico or call 00 593 98-644-1345.

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