Gourmet coffee farm experience: from the seed to the mug!

In the middle of the new Chocó Andino Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador (declared by UNESCO in 2018), Frajares Farm is a coffee hacienda located between Quito, the capital of Ecuador in the highlands at 2800 masl, and Mindo, a natural paradise in the mountainous Andean forest at 1500 masl. To discover more amazing places, how to visit and save them for later, register in

Gourmet coffee farm experience: from the seed to the mug
Gourmet coffee farm experience: from the seed to the mug

At this altitude Frajares Farm enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year and lends the ideal conditions for the cultivation of the most delicious coffee types: arabica and robusta.

From the hacienda house you will be able to observe the summits of the impressive biogeographical region of Chocó. On a clear day you will count up to 15 summit lines, one after the other, which get lost in the infinity of the horizon and continue even further.

The "from seed to mug" coffee experience walks you through beautiful coffee plantations in the middle of the impressive landscape of the Andean Choco Biosphere Reserve, while learning to identify the best coffee cherries and harvest them with your own hands. Afterwards, you will return to the hacienda house and enjoy a delicious soft drink and snack to recharge your batteries after the harvest.

Later on, you will visit the selection area and learn to identify only the best fruits from your harvest, measure their quality and continue with the peeling and drying process. At this point you will have already passed and tasted the different stages of coffee processing and will learn at what point of the process and through what techniques are obtained the different types of coffee that we consume and even some types of coffee that you have never heard of!

Finally, you will settle comfortably in the cafeteria with an impressive panoramic view of the Chocó mountain range to taste and experiment with "maridaje", or the combination of different types of coffee, and discover the most incredible secrets for preparing your drink the way you like it or explore new ways of preparation. You will be guided through this experience by the expert Francisco Javier Restrepo, founder of Frajares and passionate about coffee and exquisite preparations.

You will close your visit with a gourmet lunch of your choice.

For reservations you can contact Francisco Restrepo by calling +593 99-748-2646 or or

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